16th September 2019

Top Tips for Successful Freelancing Career

Minakshi Khurana Gig Economy
Nowadays, most of the professionals are moving towards Freelancing from full-time office work so that ...

09th September 2019

If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional, wait until you hire an amateur

Minakshi Subject Matter Expert
Hiring an expert is always cost-effective compared to the cost of failures incurred by having amateurs...

30th July 2019

With Uber you Hire a Ride not a Cab With AIDOOS you Hire Freelancing not a Freelancer

Minakshi Khurana Gig Economy
In this Agile world, IT teams are expected to respond to the business needs on an immediate basis even...

23rd July 2019

Careers will die but work will still exist

Kris Gig Economy
The technological revolution that we are in now is called industry 4.0 which is changing the entire wo...

12th July 2019

The benefits of on demand software development

Minakshi Khurana On Demand Software Development
Let us see how on-demand software development services are transforming the market effectiveness and s...

24th May 2019

7 Significant Benefits of ERP for the Retail Sector

Maitreyee ERP and Retail industry
The retail sector is one of the largest sectors that comprises of departmental stores, specialty store...

21st May 2019

How is Social Media Influencing ERP business?

Maitreyee ERP and Social Media
Social media has been used for enhancing collaboration internally among employees as well as with cust...

17th May 2019


Maitreyee Rapid Development
Agile works great is still working well for the industry. However, the amount of work that can be pick...

15th May 2019

What is Augmented Reality?

Raghav Augmented Reality
Augmented Reality(AR):-Augmented reality is the integration of digital information with the user's env...

06th May 2019

Complex IT projects broken into simple tasks

Maitreyee IT projects
In the IT world, projects are the most vital parts among techies. When they are engaged in a project, ...

01st May 2019

Struggling with your business growth? Learn what ERP has to offer for your business

Maitreyee Enterprise Resource Planning
Every business owner dreams of growing his or her business to the amount that he or she is known for t...

30th April 2019

Why do CRM implementations fail and how to make them successful?

Maitreyee CRM
To understand which CRM project is best for your business and to gain maximum output, you need to unde...

26th April 2019

ERP software and its impact on the next-generation business

Maitreyee Enterprise Resource Planning
Managing a business is a challenging task. To manage a business effectively, a lot of technology-based...

09th April 2019

Wake-up call for IT leaders

Kris Talent Hiring
IT houses who have capability do not have capacity and the ones who have capacity do not seem to have ...

04th March 2019

Time for enterprises look at on-demand software development?

Kris On-demand software development
Organizations spend around 70% of their IT budget on maintaining the existing software especially the ...

16th February 2019

Taskifying enterprise software development

Kris Work
By taskifying the existing enterprise software maintenance, i.e., break down everyday's enterprise sof...

09th February 2019

Digital transformation in gig economy

Kats Gig Economy
As an organization, you are spending millions of dollars to go digital yet your digital transformation...

03rd February 2019

Should organizations hire talent?

Sira Talent Hiring
Today organizations are dealing with critical talent shortage issue. Project deadlines are putting eno...

24th December 2018


Sira Evolution
About 13.5 billion years ago, matter, energy, time and space came into being in what is known as the B...

26th November 2018

Future of work

Kris Work
Every aspect of life is impacted by technology, wouldn't work be impacted? If yes, how?
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