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About AiDOOS

Purpose Statement:

Right person for the right job!

Enterprises spend around 70% of their IT budget on "Keeping The Lights On", that is, "Maintaining the existing IT systems". This spend limits the enterprises from investing the money into any new initiatives such as digital transformation, AI etc.

This is where AiDOOS, an on-demand software development platform plays a huge role. It enables enterprises to overcome the need of forming larger IT teams but simply push their IT maintenance work onto the platform in the "pay per task" model and save up to 50% on the IT spend.

These savings enable enterprises to invest in new initiatives that help businesses drive digital transformation, roll out new capabilities and enter new markets.

Guiding Principles:

Meritocracy Simple Secure Reliable

We believe that right person for the right job provides quick and quality turnaround and this expertise can come from any part of the world. Technology should enable an expert to be able to help any enterprise located anywhere in the world.

AiDOOS onboards Subject Matter Experts of all the technology areas with great scrutiny who are capable of solving problems of enterprises across the globe. AIDOOS enables enterprises to overcome the need of having large IT teams, multiple IT vendors/partners as it is expensive and time consuming to hire resources or vendors.

Enterprises can simply push their IT tasks, AiDOOS enables SMEs to securely connect to customer environment and fix it. For larger tasks or projects, AiDOOS splits them into independently deliverable units, distributes them among SMEs, consolidates the outcomes to deliver the desired end product to the customer.

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