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Right person for the right job!

A technology enabling platform for enterprises to get their IT tasks done in "Pay per task" model.
Subject Matter Experts from anywhere to remotely serve enterprises anywhere in the world.

How it works

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Project Post

Enterprises simply publish their IT
work on aidoos platform.

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Project Distribution

AI powered aidoos engine distributes project tasks to experts.

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Project Tracking

Enterprises track the projects with integrated project management tools.

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Project Delivery

Enterprises review expert's work and task fee is credited to expert's wallet.

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Overcome the long cycles of hiring, finding partners or freelancers. Simply publish your IT
work and leave the rest to us.

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Highest security standards and specific application access to SME's to remotely connect and deliver the tasks.

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Platform scale combined with proven IT delivery model. Software as a Service (SaaS) combined with Delivery as a Service (DaaS)

Do we need traditional office spaces

Do we need traditional office spaces anymore? Because remote work statistics and research prove that we don’t. We at aidoos enable Subject Matter Experts to securely connect to enterprise IT systems, perform the work and deliver with theme of right person for right job. This significantly reduces costs and improves productivity. People spend less time commuting, and also achieve greater autonomy. We have integrated aidoos with your existing project management tools to remove redundancy.

Signup today to get access and get your enterprise IT work done by best in class experts on aidoos.
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person working in home
As a regular employee, are you struggling with stress and also limited by your day job? If yes, we are here for you. We at aidoos enable subject matter experts like you to remotely connect to your dream companies and work on their business critical systems. It only takes few clicks to land in your dream work. On aidoos platform, you will have great autonomy, flexible work schedule & timings, unlimited vacation and earnings.
Signup today to get access and land on projects which you loves more without caring about where you are.

Work done by best in class
Subject Matter Experts

Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) who are tried, tested and well versed with enterprise software development. With deep working knowledge in the field,
our experts provide quick turnaround and quality delivery.

  • aidoos platform provides AI powered automated SME assignment
  • Automated tracking and delivery management in a single platform
  • aidoos ensures quality commitment and faster turnaround.
Learn more about enterprise
work with sme
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Work for enterprises
across the globe

Subject Matter Experts get opportunities to work on challenging
projects for enterprises across the globe without the need to move

  • Connect remotely and work for dream companies
  • Support enterprises across the globe without moving
  • Unlimited earnings potential with flexible working hours
All about expert

Our Happy Enterprises

Start engagement with aidoos to simplify your IT management and expedite your digital transformation

 How is this different from freelancing platforms?

For any requirement, freelancing platforms simply list the matching profiles expecting customers to screen the profiles and pick the right one. This is not scalable and practically not viable for enterprises.

 How does aidoos work differently?

aidoos assigns the IT tasks to the proven skilled Subject Matter Experts, ensures quality and delivery commitment. Customers pay per task and can scale up, scale down with few clicks.

 How does the model work for maintenance tasks?

aidoos works with the enterprises to setup highly secure remote access environment for SMEs to connect and provide fixes, enhancements and upgrades.

 What is the process to open an account?

Signing up on aidoos is a simple and intuitive process for both enterprises and SMEs. For any help on Signup, please do not hesitate to Contact Us

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