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What you want to learn about expert?
What you want to learn about enterprise ?
Introducing aidoos teams

Create your own team and show your expertise level to the enterprise world to win more work. aidoos allows maximum 10 members per team. to learn more Click here

Introducing aidoos Subject Matter Expert

Signup as an individual expert, Proove yourself as you are an expert in selected technology and work for top tech companies in the world. To learn more about individual SMEclick here

Expert paymemnts

Upon Enteprises publishing task, the cost of task is deducted from wallet and is kept with platform. When SME delivers the task and terprises accept it, that amount is paid out to SME.To learn more about PaymentsClick here

aidoos work

aidoos platfrom intelligently shows work for you in your expertise technology.We have an automated work distribution system based on various input variables. To learn more about aidoos task system Click here

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The Remote Engineering Platform!

Join as a team or as an individual, connect from anywhere and serve enterprises located across the globe.


Form a team, win exciting prizes!

Form a virtual team with like-minded individuals across the globe. Best team wins "Team of the month award".



SignUp on the platform as a team or as an individual Subject Matter Expert


Pick up a task from your technology stack and work on it


Work closely with Org, seek clarifications and post regular updates


Deliver the complete task, incorporate feedback and receive payment

Get work from over 100+ categories

Embrace Future of Work

The world is moving from co-located working model to remote working model, the way forward is all going to be remote. Let's erase the boundaries and work for enterprises you wish for.
Through AIDOOS, experts securely connect to enterprise IT systems, perform and deliver the tasks. This significantly saves time and cost plus enables the right expert working on the right task.
This model removes all the hierarchies, empowers the experts do the work and enables greater transparency. AIDOOS has in-built communication channels that help in greater productivity.
person working in office
person working in home

Work from anywhere @ your own schedule

You have a great potential and there must be a way to put your expertise to use, that's what AIDOOS is all about. It enables you to live where you are but serve any enterprise across the globe.
AIDOOS enables Subject Matter Experts like you to remotely work for your dream companies and their business critical systems. It only takes few clicks to start the journey.
On AIDOOS platform, you will have greater autonomy and greater earnings. Along with that, you will get flexible work schedules that you choose to work on.

Our Happy Enterprises

Start engagement with aidoos to simplify your IT management and expedite your digital transformation

We are unique

  How is this different from freelancing platforms?

Freelancing platforms simply list the projects and expects SMEs to bid for the work. SMEs struggle to get work. On AIDOOS, once SME is on-boarded, there is continuous flow of work just as in a full time job.

  Do I know the enterprise i am working for?

Yes and No. Some enterprises openly share their details and some want to hide the information. AIDOOS respects this and accordingly displays the information.

  Can I get access to customer environment?

This is a key aspect of AIDOOS Platform. Where required, it provides seamless environment access to experts so the overall turnaround time for the task is minimized.

  How does the completion of task and payment work?

Once SME completes the task and submits for approval, enterprises review and test against the agreed criteria and accept the task. Once the task is accepted, payment is released. If the task does not match the acceptance, SME needs to fix the gap.

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