let's make IT simple.

Stop hiring, stop outsourcing, stop insourcing!
Simply publish your IT tasks on the cloud (of experts)!

SME SME SME SME SME O r g a n i z a t i o n
10+ Customers
100+ Tasks
Work Done
100+ Professionals
Curated onboarding
Subject Matter Experts
Supercharge your IT with boundless talent
  1. Simplified software development and maintenance
    Simple model, curated Subject Matter Experts and automated Subject Matter Expert assignment.
  2. Highly scalable and most efficient model
    Zero ramp-up, faster turnaround, smaller project timelines and huge cost savings
  3. AIDOOS Model vs. Traditional Approach
  • On-demand software development
  • Zero overheads, faster turnaround
  • Simple, easy to use, enterprise focused
  • Automated, clear accountability
  • Rapid, efficient and scalable
  • Lengthy and expensive project cycles
  • Huge overheads, non-value add work
  • Complex, not suitable for enterprises
  • Hierarchical, complex accountability
  • Manual, slow and not scalable

let's make IT simple!

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