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Trust and Safety

AIDOOS ensures the trust and safety of all the transactions on the platform by ensuring all the measures:

For Organizations

Talent Onboarding

AIDOOS onboards the tried and tested talent with strong performance background. AIDOOS does both outbound and inbound profile onboarding. Every profile goes through rigorous validation process and background, performance check before onboarding.


AIDOOS has automated project management which ensures tasks and delivery are on track. If any task is not progressing as per the plan, AIDOOS works with the SME and ensures it is back on track. If the SME is not meeting the expectation, AIDOOS ensure that the task delivery is not jeopardized by reassigning the task a different SME.

Discuss with SME's

AIDOOS chat provides the way for organizations to closely work with SME's, have detailed discussions and ensure the task expectations and development/fix done by SME are matching.

Payment Protection

Organizations get to review the task delivered is matching the acceptance criteria set for the task. Reserved funds for the task are released to SME only upon organization accepting the task.

For Subject Matter Experts

Discreet and Safety of information

AIDOOS allows you to choose the information that can be shared with organizations. All your data as well as communication with corporate are encrypted and secure at all times.

Discuss with Organization

AIDOOS chat provides the way for SME's to regularly discussion organization point of contact. SME's are encouraged to post the queries, seek clarifications towards doing it right first time and reducing the need to rework.

Payment Protection

AIDOOS ensures that all payments for all the tasks completed and accepted by organizations. AIDOOS also ensures that if a task is in progress and if organization chooses to withdraw/cancel the task, SME's payment is protected.

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