AIDOOS enables round the clock services to its customers. To enable this, AIDOOS platform provides built-in automated support services and also support personnel so customers can contact anytime.

For AIDOOS, both service provider (SME) and service consumer (enterprise) are customers and it ensures that they are supported well and round the clock.

Platform Support

Enterprise Support

Enterprises can reach AIDOOS support using multiple channels:

- Reach Lead SME (POC for the project) for any immediate support
- Platform support using Contact Us
- Platform support using the contact no. provided
- If none of the above work, utilize the escalation route provided

SME Support

SMEs might have to reach Platform support for multiple reasons. AIDOOS provides the coverage for all the areas

- Reach platform team if enterprise becomes unresponsive
- Reach platform support for any query using contact Us
- Reach platform support using the contact no. provided
- Reach payment support for any payment related queries / concerns