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Wake-up call for IT leaders

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Wake-up call for IT leaders

Are in-sourcing or outsourcing the only ways to deal with IT? Isn’t there a better alternative?

Sid is a senior manager in IT department of a hospitality company who is responsible for software application development and maintenance. He oversees day-to-day operations of organization’s enterprise software systems which include ERP, CRM etc. His organization as been partnered with an IT partner where a team of IT professionals work on the support tickets, enhancements and upgrades.

Sid is an energetic person who wants to get things done and done faster. He wants to position IT as a guiding force helping business growth. However people around him especially the IT team do not understand his passion. For most of them, coming to work is somehow spend few hours at office, do few things and leave for the day. This is making Sid very frustrated and on top of it there has been continue churn of resources from this IT partner.

Sid and his leadership team started looking out for new vendors. Many of the the current vendor developers already left hence keeping up the system has been very challenging. Sid urgently needs a vendor who can be on boarded quickly, bring in his team and start responding to the issues.

However finding the right vendor has been a daunting task, it is time consuming and frustrating. Sid and his team have already spoken to 3 medium sized vendors and talking to each of these vendors goes through the same cycle of expression of interest, proposals, negotiations, visiting vendor office. It is highly frustrating for Sid as vendor after vendor comes up with great promise of talent but the reality on the ground is entirely different. And all this is while the systems are bleeding with issues which need immediate attention.

IT houses who have capability do not have capacity and the ones who have capacity do not seem to have capability to provide turnaround and deliver.

One fine moment, Sid suddenly realized that the time he and his team has been spending on these vendor interactions has far more exceeded than the time actually required to fix the top priority issues. That’s it, he decided that he is done with this vendor business. He cannot keep continuing on-boarding and off-boarding vendors, ramp them and see the trained resources leaving the door after few months. He also cannot build in-house IT team as his systems need people with different of skills including enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management, analytics, database expertise etc and but he may not need all of them all the time.

The only option is to outsource the work to contractors or consultants. However hiring each one of them and building a team is humongous task in itself let alone work distribution and getting things done.

As if the Gods above heard him, he came across a platform where he can simply post his work and rest is taken care by the platform. For any work posted on the platform, it identifies the resources, distributes the work and delivers. All he needs to ensure is post the requirements clearly and concisely.

Ola, what a miracle! He can now spend his time on strategic plans for new technology investments. Sid is a happy man!

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