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AiDOOS is a technology infrastructure platform enabling Subject Matter Experts located anywhere to serve enterprises located across the globe.

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Leverage AiDOOS platform to get continuous flow of work, put your skills to effective use, serve customers across the globe and make great earnings.

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No marketing

Upon review of your profile and onboarding on the platform, overcome the need of marketing to receive work.

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No bidding

Overcome the need of bidding, a task with a specified outcome and quality has the same earnings regardless of who picks it up.

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Flow of work

For your technology area, there will be continuous flow of tasks coming your way. You need to pickup, complete and deliver them.

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Unlimited earnings

Provide quick turnaround and quality delivery. You can pick as many tasks you can make great earnings.

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Level up

By delivering high quality and solving complex problems, move up in the SME levels which enable you to get high priced tasks.

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Build a team

Utilize your reputation, flow of work on the platform to build a team around you and sign up for more work.

How to get started?

Signing up on AiDOOS platform is simple and easy. Provide your personal, contact and expertise details. If needed, our platform team helps in smooth onboarding process, involving the steps:

  • Signup and fill your Expertise profile
  • Update your most relevent expertise areas
  • Pickup the task and deliver it on time.

Upon submission, platform evaluates your profile and approves or asks for additional details.

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How to perform work on AiDOOS?

AiDOOS is one-stop solution for experts. Enterprises publish the projects and tasks on AiDOOS platform. You can pick up the tasks matching your area of expertise aidoos for experts.

Following steps are performed for each project / task:

  • Pick up the task, work on it and deliver the task
  • Enterprise reviews the task after review enterprise accepts or asks for a revision
  • Once the Task is delivered task price is deposited to your wallet

Upon completion of the task, you can move on to pick up the next task. You are allowed to work on one task at at time.

AiDOOS platform for SMEs

Start picking up work on aidoos to get exposure to different domains and enterprises across the globe and also an opportunity to make big in earnings.

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Global SME

Current models in the market are not utilizing the talent to its full capability and capacity. The platform removes the barriers and enables experts to serve enterprises across the globe thus solving the problem of talent crunch.

  • Global task visibility
  • Exposure to different domains
  • Solve complex problems
  • Great earnings
  • Global reputation
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Build niche teams

The world is moving from generalists to specialists. Enterprises are turning from large service giants to smaller niche players. Utilize aidoos platform to build your own niche team.

  • Build niche skills
  • Build full stack expertise for the niche
  • Develop strong reputation
  • Groom talent across the geography
  • Collaborate with others on the platform
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Continuous Learning

Leverage the training platforms suggested by or tied up by aidoos platform to continuously learn and upskill yourself and your teams.

  • Online trainings
  • Offline trainings
  • Upskill and Cross skill
  • Mentor and groom talent
  • Provide trainings

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