aidoos sales partner

Why settle being a sales individual when you can become a sales enterprise?
Partner with aidoos and turn your customer network into continuous flow of revenue.

sales partner

Why you want to become aidoos sales partner

Simple process, great benefits

Signing up on aidoos platform is simple and easy. Provide your details and one of our team members will get in touch you to complete the process. Upon completion of Signup process, move on to bringing in enterprises onto the platform.

Enterprise Onboarding

You have spent years building your customer network. It is time to convert that network into something meaningful. Talk to your customers on the limitations of current Outsourcing, IT development & Maintenance and explain the benefits of aidoos platform. Work with aidoos team to onboard the enterprises onto the platform.

Projects execution by enterprise

Enterprises can push their regular IT development & maintenance work onto the platform which are then distributed among the proven Subject Matter Experts on the platform. Platform with its in-built delivery and monitoring models ensures quality and on-time delivery of the tasks. Enterprises can manage their entire IT work on the platform and save huge by leveraging "Pay as you go" model.

Task Closure - Sales Commission

For every task delivered by the platform and accepted by the customer, sales partner gets commission. Upon closure of the task, this commission is deposited into sales partner wallet.

Commanly asked questions

What support do I receive in selling this idea to the customers?
We provide all the material required for you to pitch the platform to the customer. We will be part of your discussions and onboarding process of enterprise.
What kinds of projects or tasks can enterprises push onto the platform?
Enterprises can leverage the platform to push regular software development, software maintenance, system maintenance, advisory services, system evaluation services and almost everything that is needed from IT perspective.
How do I see the work flowing from a customer and status of the tasks?
As a sales partner, you will have access to the dashboard when you get to see all the organizations and the projects you brought into the platform. You can check the status of all the tasks of all the projects.
What is the lifecycle of a project that i brought in?
A project is live and active until customer chooses to close the project on the project. You are the sole recipient of the commission of the project until it is closed.
Do I get commission for other projects from the same customer?
You are the beneficiary of the projects that you bring in. There might be other sales partners who may be working with the same customer and bring in projects, whoever brings in the project will be the beneficiary of that project. Hence it is more important to bring in a project than onboarding a customer.
For more information about how to set up and use aidoos sales partner, write us