Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


How different is this from freelancing platforms?

Freelancing platforms merely list the professionals that organizations can choose from. It is not feasible for organizations to browse through 10's/100's of freelance professionals, review their work and pick the right one. With AIDOOS, organizations simply post the tasks and platform takes care of the rest.

How does the model save on my software maintenance?

Current models have huge overhead costs and customers end up paying for overheads and non-productive time too. With AIDOOS, customers pay only for the tasks done on the platform thus saving up to 50% or more on annual software maintenance.

How's the work assigned on AIDOOS?

Our platform categorizes Subject Matter Experts based on skills, expert level, work history etc. It identifies the right SME based on the task technology, skills and expertise required.

Can I hire an expert on full time basis?

No, our model is to find the right expert for the right task. However our model also finds experts based on familiarity, i.e., assigns same experts for repeated work from organization/project.

How are SLAs monitored and maintained?

AIDOOS has built-in AI powered project management which keeps monitoring the due date, progress being made, follows up with SME to ensure SLA's are adhered to.

How does the platform guarantee delivery?

Apart from AI powered project management engine, the platform also has a mechanism to intervene where required to remove the task from an SME and reassign to a different one. All in all, it ensures the delivery of task on time unless in extreme and exception scenarios which are conveyed to organizations.

Can I withdraw a task?

Yes, you can choose to withdraw a task. There is no penalty if the task is withdrawn before it is picked up by an SME, task amount is added back to wallet immediately. However if the task had already been picked up an SME, organization ends up paying full task amount.

How do I make payments?

You need to ensure having sufficient funds in your wallet before publishing task. Upon publishing task, the cost of task is deducted from wallet and is kept with platform. When SME delivers the task and you accept it, that amount is paid out to SME.

How can I interact with the assigned SME?

There is a Live Chat capability built in the platform at task level. You can regularly interact and closely work with SME to resolve the queries towards ensuring SME is on same page with you.

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How different is this from freelancing platforms?

As a freelancer on freelancing platforms, you have to continuously search and pitch for work. On AIDOOS, work continuously flows to you. You have to complete them on time and provide quality delivery.

Do I need to do anything to receive regular work or more work?

None, all you have to do is to pick the right tasks that come your way and once picked up, ensure you put in full efforts and provide quality delivery on time.

When do I receive payment for the task?

Once you have completed the task and submitted to organization, it is reviewed and accepted. Upon organization's acceptance, the task amount is deposited to your wallet.

How do I interact with organization?

There is a Live Chat capability built in the platform at task level. You can regularly interact and closely work with organization to ensure your understanding of the requirement is inline with organization's expectations.

Should I update status regularly?

Yes, you should regularly update the task status. Platform reminds you to update the status.

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