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Enterprises publish their IT tasks and pay per task.

aidoos gets the tasks done by the subject matter experts located across the globe, providing quick turnaround and quality delivery!

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Why aidoos?

Leverage aidoos platform to take care of your IT needs in the pay per task model.

Stop hiring

With aidoos platform, you overcome the need of hiring talent, vendors or freelancers. No time spent on ramping up talent.

Start posting

Simply publish your IT projects on the platform and leave the rest to aidoos which smartly splits into tasks and distributes among SME’s.

Zero overheads

Enterprises pay only for the work delivered. No additional layers, No onboarding time, No bench time.

Scale up and scale down

Scaling up and scaling down is automated by the number of projects, tasks posted by the enterprises without any additional cost.

Rapid Project Development

Work is distributed among the numerous SME's across the globe thus delivering the large scale projects in short span of time.

Assured Quality Delivery

Our tried and tested SME's come with deep working knowledge on enterprise software, who provide quick turnaround and quality delivery.

Easy Onboarding

Signing up on aidoos platform is simple and easy. All you need to do is Provide the details of your enterprise name and contact details. Our platform team will get in touch with you and helps in smooth onboarding process,involving the steps:

  • Create enterprise profile on the platform
  • Create projects or tasks on the account
  • Deposit sufficient funds into your account
  • Publish created tasks, rest will be taken care
Enterpise signup process

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Start working with aidoos to save on yearly IT maintenance budgets (Annual Maintenance Contracts) and also to expedite project delivery.

Project execution methodology

Rapid Application Development

why aidoos for enterprises? Simple Current models take months if not years to execute medium to large scale projects. This is mainly due to talent availability and the cost to bring the talent onboard.

Talent availability is not a limitation on aidoos platform as the talent across the globe is at its disposal. Given below are the steps followed by aidoos to execute large projects:

  • Divides the project into independent tasks or services
  • Identifies SMEs for the project
  • Distributes the tasks to SMEs
  • Consolidates the outcome from the SMEs
  • Delivers the end product to customer
Integrations with TFS and Jira

Integrations with aidoos platform

aidoos platform provides many built-in integrations for enterprises to seamlessly work with their existing applications and tools.

It provides integrations with TFS and Jira so enterprises can push the work on current application lifecycle management (ALM) tools onto aidoos seamlessly. With these integrations, enterprises can:

  • Avoid duplication, pull tasks from TFS, Jira
  • Pull selective tasks onto the platform
  • Automated task status updates to TFS, Jira
aidoos provides 24/7 availability

24 / 7 availability

Subject Matter Experts from all over the world join aidoos platform. By virtue of being a global platform and having global talent pool, SME's are available 24 / 7 and provide quick turnaround for the tasks posted by enterprises.

The task distribution algorithm of aidoos takes into consideration of SME location and Enterprise location to ensure more overlap time.

  • Global talent pool
  • 24 / 7 availability
  • Quick response
  • Faster response

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