SME Assignment to Tasks

Subject Matter Expert assignment on AIDOOS platform is automated. This is the most critical aspect and Unique Selling Point (USP) of the platform. On other platforms (freelancing), the party that posts the requirement needs to go through all the matching profiles, interview them and select one based on skills, experience and the price quoted.

On AIDOOS platform, the built-in intelligence takes care of matching profiles and works with those Subject Matter Experts to have one of them pick up the task.

Subject Matter Expert assignment

SME Identification

When a task is published, AIDOOS platform analyzes the task based on its technology stack and complexity among other parameters. It also checks if the same / similar work was done by subject matter expert(s) on the platform. It then checks the proximity of the SME's to enterprise TimeZone.

Based on the above key criteria, AIDOOS follows the "Peel the onion" formula starting with the deepest peel first. That means it tries to identify the SMEs who match all the criteria and based on the success at that layer, it keeps moving up layer by layer to find the matching the SMEs.

Broadcasting Tasks to SMEs

Once AIDOOS identifies the matching SMEs in a given layer in "Peel the onion" approach, it broadcasts the task availability details to all SMEs. There is an SLA for each layer wherein one of the SMEs matching that layer criteria and available to pickup the task can pick this task.

If no SME is matching the criteria of a specific layer or matching SMEs are busy with other tasks, AIDOOS engine moves up to next layer and broadcasts the task to the matching SMEs in the next layer. It continues to do the same until the task is picked up by the right SME.

SME Assignment

Upon identifying the right SME and the task is picked up by the SME, AIDOOS engine updates the records with the assignment and communicates the assignment details to the enterprise. For any unforeseen reason if SME needs to be modified, AIDOOS has automated and manual intervention mechanisms to disassociate the SME from the task and assign a new SME.