Current Processes

The world of computing is changing from IT centric to business centric. The role of IT is changing from technology enabler to business enabler. To do so, it must provide the base IT infrastructure platform and provide a mechanism for businesses to get their work done from anyone and from anywhere.

IT setup is mostly limited to the below forms:
- Internal IT comprising full time employees and contractors
- Outsourcing to external IT vendor(s)
- A mix of the above two

Current Process Limitations

Limitations with current processes

Outsourcing has been successful but a painful exercise as it takes long cycles, multiple rounds with each vendor before finalizing a vendor. Outsourcing vendor’s sole aim is to deploy as many resources on an account and maximize revenue from the customer. Outsourcing vendor also takes lot of time to hire and form the team as he is serving multiple customers with limited resources.

To overcome the long cycles of outsourcing, retaining IP, provide quick turnaround and bring uniformity, large organizations formed internal IT teams. Internal IT was expected to study the market, set the right technology direction to businesses. With the intention of bringing commonality, IT has been spending huge cycles of time in discussions, causing huge delays impacting business plans to hit the market.

It is time IT departments change their role from “Centralizing IT” to “Be an enabler for business”. IT should provide the right infrastructure, architecture guidance and advisory services. It should business run their own development needs by leveraging the infra and advisory services provided by IT. Let’s move back the IT to business fold coz they know their needs better.

Each business unit, each country is different. Let’s empower business to take IT decisions and move on. Let’s not force fit global tools and spend millions on localizations. Let businesses build localized versions and hit the market. IT should create a data strategy that collects information from all the business units across all regions and provide insights. This is the true value addition of IT.

If it is not outsourcing and not an internal IT team, what is the solution for businesses to get their IT work done rapidly?