AI Powered Support

AIDOOS has a ready-made framework available to build AI based application support. Using this framework, AIDOOS builds an engine that learns based on the available product incident dataset at customers place towards providing recommended action for every incident.

Every time a new incident is raised, the engine immediately responds with a possible solution. Over a time, it also recommends an RCA and fix to arrest future incidents. This significantly reduces support effort and money.

AI Powered Support

Level1 Support

Level1 support is to deal with user management, access management, roles, privileges etc. AIDOOS has a proven frameworks available to automate this and apply machine learning techniques to learn from the data available. Organizations can utilize AIDOOS services to build a custom Level1 support engine based on the frameworks available.

Level2 Support

Level2 support is to deal with application, infrastructure, network, integration issues. AIDOOS has built an AI engine based on deep learning technique which learns based on all the support incidents raised till date, solution applied and provides a recommendation. This can be applied to packaged software, custom developed applications, database and any other software.

Level3 and Level4 Support

Level3 and Level4 support are to deal with small fixes and development tasks. This falls into core AIDOOS platform framework where organizations can post the tasks onto the platform which are then distributed among subject matters across the globe. This mechanism provides faster, quality turnaround and also saves lot of cost for organizations.