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Should organizations hire talent?

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Should organizations hire talent?

Today organizations are dealing with critical talent shortage issue. Project deadlines are putting enormous pressure on technical teams and HR department to hire right talent in short span of time. They reach out tens and hundreds of professionals for every position, long scrutiny process, multiple interviews and yet no luck in finding the right talent. This is resulting in finding someone who may not be matching exact needs of the organization.

After this long and tedious process, it takes days or weeks for ramp up. And all this is before getting any work done. After all this sweat, organizations are always under pressure of retaining them. This is resulting in hiring more than needed, bench process and asking them to leave when there is not enough work.

On the other hand professionals are struggling in finding the right opportunity for their skills. They apply, attend multiple rounds of interview, accept the offer after long negotiation cycle with the expectations of landing in their dream job. But lot of times, they are in for a shock. There is a huge gap between what had been promised in interview process and the ground reality. They wish they can always work on what interests them, excites them and be paid rightly.

How can organizations fix this problem?

By understanding the problem


Yes, organizations should first understand their problem before rushing to fix. And they should stop attempting to fix every problem in the same way.

In majority of the cases, organizations need is to get work done and not have talent on organization roles. However with the race for talent and unavailability of ways to just get work done from right talent, organizations are rushing to hire talent and have them on their roles without putting an effort to understand if they really want all of them in-house.

So, what's the solution?

This is where AIDOOS comes in to rescue.

AIDOOS provides a way for organizations to just get work done from right talent and not have to worry about the long process of finding talent, scrutinizing them, hiring them, ramping up before getting any work done.

Organizations can just push their work and that's it! Rest is taken care by AIDOOS.

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