Coming out of corporate custody

Coming out of corporate custody

Corporate jobs aka typical day jobs that pay you monthly salary and expect you to think as they say, do as they say and retire when they say. In other words, its an indirect bonded labor. They make you think and act in a certain framework and you have only one task at hand: work for them and make them rich.

How can you stop this monotonous, hierarchical, work in the same manner and try something new?

Do something where you can think freely, do freely and realize your true thinking potential?

Try this:

- Take a break of 2 or 4 weeks

- Try this in between two jobs

Take on-demand work on aidoos and see how working in non-hierarchical, non-bureaucratic setup feels like. Pick up a task and add the best value, provide quick turnaround and be part of a momentum. 

This is the future of work, let's embrace it.