AiDOOS Marketplace

AiDOOS Marketplace is designed to help developers and enterprises to utilize the capabilities existing and build their systems on top of them. They can use the APIs as-is or add/modify features to an existing API. Developers or enterprises can also publish their APIs to the marketplace for public consumption.

Enterprise IT Integrations

Unlike the existing public API marketplaces, aidoos focuses on building and publishing APIs for enterprise systems. These include integrations to SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, SalesForce, KRONOS etc. This results in huge time savings for enterprise while building or enhancing their IT systems.

APIs for Developers

Developer APIs are the capabilities that can be readily used to build IT applications. These APIs include integrations to various tools such as TFS, Jira, Slack, Git, Asana, Payment gateways etc.

Products & Services

AiDOOS has tied-up with global product and service providers. AiDOOS abstracts the complexity of finding the right product and partner and orchestrates solution development and delivery by working closely with product and service providers.

Service Providers

AiDOOS expedites and simplifies digital transformation

AiDOOS for enterprises

Accelerating your development and delivery

AiDOOS for developers

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