The remote engineering platform!

aidoos deploys right person on the right job at the right time.
It leverages the global talent pool to its full capability and capacity.

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Overcome the long cycles of hiring, finding IT partners or freelancers. Simply publish your IT work and leave the rest to us.

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Highest security standards and specific applications access to SMEs to securely and remotely connect and deliver the tasks.

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Platform scale combined with proven IT delivery model. Software as a Service (SaaS) combined with Delivery as a Service (DaaS)

Technology Infrastructure and Human Intelligence

Join aidoos platform which is bringing technology infrastructure and human intelligence together to serve enterprise IT needs.

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Future of Work

Do you know that slowly but surely, remote working is becoming a norm? We are at the cusp of this new phenomenon and enterprises are realizing this reality and gearing up for embracing the same. Remote working significantly reduces the IT infra expenditure.

This new phenomenon, we call it as "Future of work" is currently happening at aidoos.aidoos makes IT simple. The platform, through its blend of technology infrastructure and human intelligence is enabling individuals to work from anywhere and directly connect to customer's environment and perform IT tasks.

  • Technology infrastructure enabler
  • Human intelligence collaborator
  • Talent marketplace and capacity Pooling

aidoos for all IT

aidoos is built for the enterprises of all sizes. It helps small, medium and large enterprises to overcome the tedious and expensive cycle of hiring talent or finding resources. It helps enterprises to execute large, complex projects in short span of time.

Global Task Platform

The platform is built for executing all IT tasks from one place. The global IT tasks are distributed to Subject Matter Experts (SME's) all over the world. SME's pick one task at a time, deliver the same and move on to the next.

  • Global Task Management
  • Automated SME Assignment
  • Automated Project Management
  • Integration with ALM Tools
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Delivery Orchestration

For a project executed on the aidoos platform, the project is spilt into individual tasks that get distributed to SME's. This whole task model is orchestrated, the output from all the SME's is consolidated to produce the end result required for the customer.

  • Project creation and task division
  • Task distribution and task assignment
  • Task monitoring and intervention
  • Task consolidation and delivery
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API Marketplace

Platform aidoos publishes API's available for customer consumption. The goal is to drive application modernization by reusing the available API's and building the capabilities that do not exist.

  • Global Microservices Marketplace
  • Technical Capabilities
  • Functional Capabilities
  • Integration Services
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Enterprise IT Management Simplified

We know what it takes to bring your product into the market, how much it will cost for infrastructure and operations cost. We are here for you to save costs on IT infra, development and maintenance. aidoos takes care of the critical aspect of bringing human expertise on need basis to enterprises and removes the need for hiring talent, hiring vendors, ramp up and ramp down.

This greatly simplifies IT management and helps enterprises focus on digital transformation and business expansion.

  • On-demand IT services
  • Cloud of experts
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Global Subject Matter Expert

Are you getting bored with 9-5 job or not getting enough motivated with what you are doing? If yes, we are here for you. Utilize your expertise, skills and expand your horizon. Stay remote and solve global business problems by applying your technology skills. aidoos provide boundless projects and challenging tasks for you to love more to do more. It will take only few minutes to land on your dream work.

  • Stay local, serve global
  • Keep delivering and keep earning
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